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English Discoveries Online

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Course Overview



English Discoveries  is a technology-based, comprehensive, English language learning solution. English Discoveries’ learning platform provides students and teachers with an engaging and effective English language learning experience. These innovative assessment tools make it simple for educators to evaluate and certify student success. English Discoveries’ intelligence management and monitoring tools help educators track learning outcomes.

ED provides more than 1.000 hour materials to be learnt online that can help you improve your 6 language main skills which are listening, reading, speaking, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and web literacy.

Material that are on ED combines various of questions format to prepare students with global environment The  Placement test that is provided and the continuous evaluation during learning process can help monitor learning development continuously.


English Discoveries’ learning platform integrates the very latest in multimedia learning technologies with field-proven pedagogical approaches:

· 1000+ hours of engaging, interactive learning

· 10 CEFR-aligned courses, from beginner (A1) to advanced (C1) levels

· Topic based units, covering all language skills, plus grammar and vocabulary

· Regularly updated content

· State-of-the-art, video-based speaking and listening activities 

· Optimized for both PCs and tablets

The learning process is adjusted to your level of English. In order to find out the appropriate level, your English skills will be tested using the TOEIC® (Test of English for International Communication).

There are 3 steps of learning in ED:

  • Explore, in this part you will learn about a topic that is given
  • Practice, you will practice to apply the topic that you have      learn before
  • Test, is the last part where you conduct tests to measure      understanding of the topics that have been studied



Required Software

Office 365 Home and Office - We provide our students with a FREE O365 Licence that can be used on upto 5 devices!

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A bit about English Discoveries! 

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